Fast Braces

How It Works

Time is the ultimate luxury for both, the patient and the doctor. FASTBRACES® Technologies, a true American original, is celebrating its quarter-of-a-century anniversary of providing products that help dentists and orthodontists straighten teeth. Teeth are crooked because they didn’t erupt properly and came in tilted, sideways, overlapping or spaced apart and, as a result, the alveolar bone demonstrates hypoplasia or hyperplasia. Tested in vitro and in vivo by universities in the 1990s, FASTBRACES® Technologies high performance bracket systems upright the roots of the teeth towards their final position from the beginning of treatment with just one square wire and thus establish the natural alveolar bone morphology naturally. Treatment time for non-surgical comprehensive orthodontic therapy should take more than 120 days with the FASTBRACES® CLASSIC SERIES and could take less than 120 with the FASTBRACES® TURBO ® SERIES, depending on the patient cooperation and clinical experience of the treating doctor. Invented and founded by Dallas orthodontist, Dr. Anthony D. Viazis, FASTBRACES® Technology is now globally known and used by doctors in over 50 countries.

The FASTBRACES® Technology bracket systems were developed based on the in-depth understanding of the biology of the human mouth and specifically of the alveolar bone. Whether it’s the enduring quality of the original FASTBRACES® CLASSIC SERIES or the new FASTBRACES® TURBO® SERIES, our company’s commitment to using top notch technology to create faster and less painful braces means that our doctor clients can be sure that utilizing FASTBRACES® Technology products will have their patients smiling like thousands of other patients before them. As FASTBRACES® Technology embarks on its long journey towards its first century of excellence,one would say that this truly American institution has always represented the democracy of good products and fast results.

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