You may want to improve your smile by straightening your teeth, but want to avoid the discomfort of wearing metal brackets and wires. If this is the case, Invisalign is an ideal alternative to traditional braces.

Most Invisalign wearers love the flexibility that Invisalign offers to their lifestyle. Traditional braces have the ability to interfere with certain activities such as sports or playing an instrument. However, Invisalign does not pose these issues and can be worn during almost any activity or can be easily removed when necessary.

Invisalign vs Traditional Braces

When faced with choosing between going the route of Invisalign or braces, it can be difficult to make a decision as both treatments have their pros and cons. Traditional braces are more effective when treating complex cases, or for individuals who prefer not to have the responsibility of maintaining and wearing trays.

Invisalign Cost

The cost of Invisalign treatment varies by case and the duration of wear necessary to achieve straight teeth. Many patients are able to afford Invisalign by taking advantage of dental insurance plans, flexible payment plans, and other orthodontic coverage made available to them.

Want to straighten crooked teeth without metal braces? We have a solution for you!

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